Women’s Imaging at
AdventHealth South Overland Park

Getting your essential screenings should be as convenient and comfortable as possible. The women's imaging at AdventHealth South Overland Park offers a range of services, including bone density (DXA) screening, high-risk screening and on-site virtual genetic counseling in a calming, spa-like atmosphere. Best of all, most appointments can be completed in just 30 minutes or less.


Advanced Imaging From Experts Who Care

The best way to prevent breast cancer is to detect it early. At AdventHealth Shawnee Mission, formerly Shawnee Mission Health, it’s our goal to make it easy for you to take preventive measures for your health, and if you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, we’ll be here for you from diagnosis through survivorship.

Our AdventHealth Shawnee Mission Breast Center has received recognition from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, making us the first accredited breast cancer program in Kansas City. You can count on us for comprehensive breast care — from compassionate imaging specialists who have extensive expertise to advanced digital mammogram technology that gives you answers earlier.


Precise Mammogram Technology That Gives You Answers

At AdventHealth Shawnee Mission, we use the most advanced tools in digital mammography, including 3D mammography and computer-aided detection. These tools allow our imaging specialists to detect subtle differences between tissues and pinpoint areas of concern well before they can be detected by touch.

After your mammogram, a radiologist will use computer-aided detection tools to read the digital images, looking for any signs of abnormality, including asymmetries, irregular areas of increased density and clusters of small calcium deposits. Your images can be enhanced by computer technology, stored digitally and even sent electronically between your physicians.



Routine screening mammograms can help save your life. We want you to feel ready to take charge of your breast health by knowing what to expect from this experience.

What Is Mammography?
A mammogram is an X-ray examination of your breast. The latest digital mammography technology takes very detailed digital images of your breasts. These images help your doctor detect breast cancers, benign tumors and cysts before you can even feel them.

When Should I Get a Mammogram?
Many factors determine when you should have a mammogram, such as your family history, risk factors and age. Starting at age 25, you should get a clinical breast exam every one to three years. If you have a higher-than-average risk of breast cancer, discuss early mammography and ultrasound screening with your health care provider. Otherwise, the baseline age for mammograms is 40, and you should have them done yearly after this age.

Are There Different Types of Mammograms?
Mammography may be used either for screenings or to diagnose a symptom. A screening mammogram takes an X-ray to detect breast changes when you have no signs of breast cancer. A diagnostic mammogram can diagnose unusual breast changes, such as a lump, pain, nipple thickening or discharge or a change in breast size or shape.


Your Questions on Mammography, Answered

If you’ve never had a mammogram, you might not know what to expect, or you might be nervous about the results. This guide can help put your mind at ease by addressing some of your concerns about mammography, like:

  • Are there different types of mammograms?
  • How do I schedule a mammogram?
  • How is a mammogram performed?
  • How will I receive my results?
  • Is a mammogram painful?
  • Who should get a mammogram?

Your Partner in Proactive Breast Cancer Care

Being proactive about your health is worth it, especially when it comes to catching breast cancer early. From your first mammogram to ongoing support for your whole health, we're here to make it easy to put your health first. If you're due for a mammogram, book your screening today.

Be the Difference: Give a Mammogram to a Woman in Need

You can help more women take health into their hands, right here in our community. The Women’s Services fund at AdventHealth Foundation Shawnee Mission provides vital health care services like mammograms to underserved women in the community.

When you give $30, you cover the cost of a mammogram — a gift that empowers women to take charge of their health and feel whole.

Empowering Your Total Breast Health

If you haven’t had a mammogram recently, now is the perfect time to take your health into your hands with our compassionate health care team.

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